• 26 settembre 2018
  • Torino
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26 September - CNH Industrial Village, Torino

Italian manufacturing experience in the transition to 4.0: technologies and skills

Despite the ten-year crisis that has redesigned the global economic scenarios, Italian manufacturing industry has kept the second position at European level and the sixth worldwide for value generated, remaining among the healthiest sectors of our economy. Investments for innovation and competitiveness in the instrumental mechanics sector, triggered by the Calenda Plan, have brought new sap to the industrial chain and to the technological sectors that have Industry 4.0 as their final market.

The industry is thus the motor of an healthy economy and for its future an important role is played by the digital innovation according to the 4.0 model which, enabled by the use of innovative technologies and the development of new digital skills, translates into greater efficiency, competitiveness and interconnection within the factory and along the production chain.

In this context, the appointment with Forum Meccatronica is renewed, a travelling exhibition-conference conceived by the Meccatronica Group of ANIE Automazione and realized in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt Italia.

The fifth edition of the Forum Meccatronica entitled “Italian manufacturing experience in the transition to 4.0: technologies and skills” took place on September 26, 2018 at the CNH Industrial Village in Turin.

The most important mechatronic solutions suppliers operating on the Italian market will present, also through application cases, in-depth analysis on different technological aspects such as motion control, robotics, industrial software, plant engineering, with particular attention to mechatronic design and all those technologies and skills that the transition to 4.0 requires.

The transition to manufacturing 4.0 has also begun in our country and this edition of the Forum will give space to the enabling technologies as well as concrete experiences of integration and application of these technologies often linked to skills developed in Italy; skills that will be increasingly needed in the future to complete this epochal transformation.

Participation in the Forum Meccatronica is therefore an opportunity to update professionally on topical issues that represent competitive factors for OEMs, System Integrators and End-Users, both small and large.

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