• ottobre 2019
  • Firenze
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What is Forum Meccatronica?

Forum Meccatronica is a travelling exhibition-conference organized by Mechatronics Group of ANIE Automazione and Messe Frankfurt Italia.

The fifth edition entitled “Italian manufacturing experience in the transition to Industry 4.0: technologies and skills” took place on September 26, 2018 at CNH Industrial Village in Torino.

It represents an opportunity for the Suppliers of products and solutions for industrial automation to meet System Integrators, OEMs and End Users, taking part in a series of conferences with technical insights on robotics, motion control, industrial software, plant engineering, where a particular attention is paid to mechatronics design and all those all those technologies and skills that the transition to Industry 4.0 requires.

In the exhibition area you can deepen the technological and business aspects. 

Final Press release 2018

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What Mechatronics do we talk about? 

Mechatronics is strongly interdisciplinary, in its perimeter there are in fact all the disciplines related to the mechanical systems, electronic systems and IT.

Forum Meccatronica is focused on the industrial sector and is aimed, in particular, on machine manufacturers, system integrators and end users. In this context, the Mechatronics aim is to connect production systems to simplify the work of man and increase the productive efficiency of companies: Mechatronics is therefore synonymous with product excellence, from the most advanced technologies to the smallest and simple components, but it is also organization, greater security, new opportunities, Industry 4.0, improvement of working conditions, competence of human resources, revision of internal processes.