• 5 Novembre 2019
  • Firenze, Stazione Leopolda
  • Versione in italiano

Forum Meccatronica 2017

Le tecnologie abilitanti per la digitalizzazione 4.0 dell’industria

9:30am - 10:30am Opening session: The enabling technologies for digitization 4.0 of the industry

The national plan on Industry 4.0 has created great expectations in the manufacturing sector, supporting investments of companies in instrumental goods and technologies for digitizing of production processes. Investments in machinery, equipment and software have a strategic role for the technology growth of the company: this is, in fact, the most significant cost for innovation. Therefore, it is an important opportunity to strengthen the attitude to innovate of Italian companies, thus generating a positive multiplier effect on the country system, increasing productivity and international competitiveness. The goal is ambitious and involves a transformation process that must be accompanied by a design of the whole system according to accurate integration criteria.

Has the Italian manufacturing industry so far been able to get the challenge? What is the real contribution of automation to this innovation process? Important guests of academic and industrial world will make the point of the situation and will introduce themes that will be deepened by technology and mechatronic solutions providers during the conferences.

It will also be presented the update of the study “Mapping of mechatronic skills in Italy” realized by Politecnico di Milano with the collaboration of ANIE Automazione and Messe Frankfurt Italy, and focused this year on the analysis of the industrial sector of Marche region.



The design is one of the most important phases in the realization of an automation project that can be either a machine or a production line. A mechatronic approach to design is realized through integration of different technological domains and is today the prerequisite for a sustainable design. In addition, with digitization, platform interconnectivity has become a goal for all automation component.


In order to reach the increasingly challenging goals in terms of flexibility, efficiency and time-to-market reduction imposed by the modern paradigms of digitized manufacturing, you shouldalso act in the good’s production phase. The use of mechatronic solutions ensures the presence of adequate tools that allow not only to monitor and record data production, but also to optimize energy and materials consumption. The new possibilities offered by interconnection of components and supply chain, and the spread of robots allow to perfect the human-machine and machine-machine coordination, enabling the customized mass production.


A mechatronic approach in a digitized and interconnected factory makes efficiency implementation and improvement easy, ensuring the ability to act in advance for possible failures, and avoiding stops in production: this results in cost savings for the manufacturer. Production cycle performances play a key role in the manufacturing companies, affecting the production chain, logistics and organization.